Googly-Eyed Wireless Devices Play ‘What Is Love’

Two googly-eyed electric toothbrushes (including Bob Floss) and three credit card machines from Device Orchestra performed an almost completely wireless electronic cover of the Haddaway dance hit “What Is Love”.

Haddaway’s What Is Love, played by two electric toothbrushes and three credit card machines.

The engineer behind the orchestra stated that the intention is to make the orchestra completely wireless, but he was missing a few key items to make it so.

The wireless device orchestra project is still in progress, and for this Eurodance hit video, I had to actually use some extra wires. I do have the wifi-ed control units for each device but I don’t have the batteries yet, which means I need two wired power supplies per device (one for the motor and one for the control unit).

Device Orchestra What Is Love