Designer Drugs, A Collection Of Eye-Catching Molecular Hybrid Necklaces by Aroha Silhouettes

speedball molecule necklace_by_aroha_silhouettes

Speedball Necklace

Aroha Silhouettes, known for their Molecular Addictions necklaces have taken it one step further with their “Designer Drug Collection” wherein each piece of jewelry mimics the molecular combination of well known designer drugs.

From the delicate simplicity of Spliff, to Candy Flipping and Coffee and Cigarettes’ understated intricacy, to the strikingly exquisite Overdose statement necklace, each of these unapologetically bold pieces create such a delicious piece of eye-catching neck candy, you’re guaranteed to turn every head you pass. This fantastical new collection lets you enjoy a spectacular trip in a way that leaves a lasting impression without the icky flashbacks.

Candy Flipping Necklace

Candy Flipping Necklace


Spliff Necklace


Overdose Necklace

images via Aroha Silhouettes

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips