Why Deep-Sea Aquatic Animals Look So Weird

Scientists Mackenzie Bubel, Tommy Knowles, Alicia Bitondo, and Ellen Umeda from the Monterey Bay Aquarium took turns explaining why deep-sea aquatic animals look so weird and how that weirdness actually helps each animal survive and thrive in such a challenging environment.

“Strange.” “Alien.” “Bizarre.” “Scary.” These are just some of the words used to describe deep-sea animals—but what if they’re *not* the weird ones?!

Deep Sea Animals Look Weird

The scientists point to such beneficial features as transparency and camouflage to avoid predators; oversized eyes, and physical lures for seeing and catching prey; and expandable stomachs and giant teeth for digesting prey. While these features look unusual to humans, each species has exactly what they need to survive.

They’re not weird. They’re perfectly adapted for their environment. It would be really weird if they didn’t look like that.They have a lot of adaptations that make them look unique that actually serve to help them survive in the deep sea.