Daring Ferret Falls Short on Making a Successful Jump From the Desk to the Ironing Board

An adorably daring ferret, clad in a glow stick bracelet, fell very short on making a successful jump from the desk to the ironing board and landed safely on the floor with only her pride slightly injured. According to her human, Marek Riha, the desk was a bit slippery, the ferret put the bracelet on herself and he feels bad about laughing at her fall.

I didn’t realize, it’s slippery. She tried to get to the window. When she got on the table I saw
that trying to jump on the window. (distance about 1metr) so I moved closer the ironing board. The rest of the story you already know. That shining bracelet, she put on herself. Such kind of crashes is for ferret well known. People may think I behave badly to this ferret but who knows ferrets knows what’s going on. But I have to apologize for my sadistic laughter ;)

While her dignity may have been bruised, the little ferret didn’t appear to lose any sleep whatsoever.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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