Dani Clode Talks About Her Third Thumb Project

Stuart Smillie of Great Big Story visited augmentation designer Dani Clode at the University of Cambridge, where she explained how she came up with her now-viral Third Thumb Project. Clode also addressed how she sees external body designs being applied in the future

Dani envisions a future where augmentation becomes a reality and the third thumb serves as a tool to enhance the capabilities of regular individuals. She also explores the impact this additional thumb can have on daily tasks and cognitive functions. …she collaborates with neuroscientist Tamr Makin to unravel the mysteries of how the third thumb influences the brain.

Smillie also tried the thumb on for size, noting, after a short learning, how simple tasks became far more simple with the extra support.

We explore the potential applications of the third thumb, by getting our filmmaker Stuart to test it out and see how it affects his brain by putting him in an MRI to test its functions.

Handy Third Thumb

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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