The Third Thumb Project, An Amazing 3D Printed Fully Articulated Digit That Makes Life a Bit Easier

The Third Thumb Project

Designer Dani Clode has created “The Third Thumb Project” a brilliantly conceived third 3D printed thumb that easily attaches to the hand and is controlled by the feet. With this award-winning project, Clode wanted to demonstrate how the human body responds to wearable prosthetic technology.

The Third Thumb investigates the relationship between the body and prosthetic technology in new ways. It is part tool, part experience, and part self-expression; a model by which we better understand human response to artificial extensions. It instigates necessary conversation about the definition of ‘ability’.

The control

Clode also tested out the thumb with different people and documented their reactions. Most found that it made life just a little bit easier

Third Thumb in Action

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