Dangerous Experiments With High Voltage Electricity Using a Cute ‘Despicable Me’ Toy Minion

In his latest instructional video, the “King of Random” Grant Thompson uses a cute little toy version of the minion Stuart from the animated Despicable Me films to conduct a series of dangerous experiments with high-voltage electricity. The minion holds two metal nails close to one another while creating a 12,000 volt electric arc, cooks tasty marshmallows, and more.

What happens when you let an ADHD minion play with high voltage electricity? Be-do Be-do Be-do. Hahaha!

Something strange happened when I was sparking the electricity between the minions electrodes. The minion would start to talk spontaneously, without being touched. This is strange because usually you have to press his belly or move his head to get a response. But with the electrical sparks flying through the air, he would begin to speak at random. Kind of spooky!

Justin Page
Justin Page

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