‘Dalek Gary’, A ‘Doctor Who’ Parody About a Dalek Who Gets Stuck on Earth and Faces the Challenges of Daily Life

Dalek Gary” is an upcoming web series and Doctor Who parody by Kill9TV that features a Dalek named Gary who has been disarmed and stranded on Earth with no way home. Each episode will show how Gary faces such challenges as getting a job, making friends, dating, and just finding his place within the human world until rescue comes.

It’s then he is selected by a British film crew as the subject of a documentary following the lives of illegal migrant workers trying to make a living in the United States. If only they knew…! Gary will go on a job interview, a blind date, and even join a book club with his buddy, Chaz. He’ll stretch his imagination and learn what it is to be human.

via MightyMega

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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