Dachshund and Disabled Cat Are Inseparable Friends

When local authorities in central Florida got a call about abandoned animals left at the edge of a gated driveway, what they found was a little dachshund standing guard over a disabled kitten. The pair was eventually adopted by Jacqueline Borum of Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa in Lake Mary, Florida who gave them the names Idgie and Ruth, after the inseparable pair of friends in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes

They nap in a large pen by the front window, the dog curling her body around the cat, who is moved and fed and bathed daily. Idgie gets regular walks and treats and attention from the entire staff, not to mention a parade of customers. But should another pooch approach, Idgie barks and growls as fiercely as a wiener dog can muster. “Otherwise, she’s a total sweetheart,” Borum said. “I mean, we’ve seen friendships between dogs and cats before, but never anything like this.”