Dabchick the Bird Puppet Welcomes Matilda the Kitten Into the Dixon Home With a Tenderly Humorous Song

Matilda Sleeping Dabchick

When a new kitten named Matilda was brought into his home in April 2018, Barnaby Dixon‘s (previously) beloved bird puppet Dabchick welcomed the tiny feline in the most amusing way. The forthright bird was at first put off by the kitten, but after a bit he grew more tender towards Matilda and even wrote a humorous song to lull her to sleep.

This lovely song also paid tribute his late cat Maisie, who had passed away in 2017.

Dabchick Puts Matilda in a Box

Go to sleep sweet Matilda you’ve had a long day
The shadows are growing so you best hit the hay
While I’m closing the door now and here you must stay
But when daybreak comes calling
Let’s have a play

Settle down sweet Matilda, its twenty past four
Why the hell are you mewing and scratching the door
I’m heading outside now to blow off some steam
So just get your dumb head down
Good night and sweet dreams

I miss my dear Maisie and I’ll never forget
But then seventeen years is quite old for a pet
Now the flowers of springtime bloom on her grave
And I will stick you down with her if you don’t behave
(I’m just joking)

Rise and shine sweet Matilda
The morning has come
You have a full day of purring
And licking your bum
Oh she’s sleeping, that figures so everyone shush
But I’m tempted to smack her for being a douche

Mathilda and Dabchick

RIP sweet Maisie.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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