Cyriak Creates a Surreal Animation Featuring Cats For the ‘Meowpurrdy’ Music Video by Run the Jewels

In the music video for “Meowpurrdy” by the hip hop supergroup Run the Jewels, artist Cyriak Harris worked with Adult Swim to create a surreal animation featuring cats.

Last September revered hip hop auteurs Run The Jewels made music history when they unleashed the world’s first cat-rap album Meow The Jewels. Today, in conjunction with Adult Swim, the group released a mind-altering video by esteemed cult video artist Cyriak for the album’s lead track “Meowpurrdy,” a remix by El-P that deposits his and Killer Mike’s vocal performances in the midst of a rhythmic vapor of meows, purrs, and hisses. Cyriak’s visual treatment is an LSD-nightmare miasma of cat limbs and teeth fractalizing into feline Cthulu-esque monstrosities. Visit for more.