Crumbs of Anarchy, Gingerbread Cookies Made in the Likeness of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Characters

Crumbs of Anarchy by Erin

Erin Erler and her team at Cakes by Erin in Haverhill, MA have baked up a sweet version of the beloved “Charming” characters of Sons of Anarchy with their “Crumbs of Anarchy” gingerbread cookies.

Here is the full set of our official “Crumbs of Anarchy” cookie series!!!! If you would like to order any they are $5.00 each, just give us a call! We are still working on getting them made to be able to ship without damaging them. We will post when that will be available.

The cookies made quite an impression with cast member Tommy Flanagan (Chibs), who posted them on his Facebook page and with show creator Kurt Sutter who retweeted them along with the official Sons of Anarchy account.

Kurt Sutter Crumbs of Anarchy

Crumbs of Anarchy Team

Cookies with Jax

via Tommy Flanagan’s Casting Couch

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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