Crowded House Performs an Incredible Live Version of the Song ‘Something So Strong’ From Their Homes

I’ve been feeling so much older
Frame me and hang me on the wall
I’ve seen you fall into the same trap
This thing is happening to us all…

As part of his ongoing “home series”, the great Neil Finn and the members of Crowded House performed an incredible rendition of the original band’s 1987 hit “Something So Strong” via video chat. Finn stated that the band is getting a chance to rehearse while also performing for fans.

Crowded House… We are a band that was supposed to be on stages very soon in Europe and beyond, but has now accepted the new reality. However housebound, we are still seeking connection. So, in the meantime, the internet provides a chance to play a few of our songs for you, that seems most welcome and joyous, a good way to rehearse and perform, send some best wishes out your way.