Creative Cuban Business Women Sell Flying Pizzas That Are Lowered From the Roof of a Restaurant

Creative Cuban business women Marta Castaeda and Marta del Barrio operate A Mi Manera (My Way), a pizzeria that lowers their food to their customers from the roof. The unusual delivery method saves the staff of the restaurant from having to run up and down stairs to deliver the food. Castaeda, del Barrio, and A Mi Manera are the subject of the Great Big Story video “Cuba’s Flying Pizzas” that show the unique restaurant in action.

When Cuba expanded private enterprise in 2010, Marta Castaeda and her husband were granted a license to open up their own pizzeria, which they called “A Mi Manera” or “My Way.” Despite working out of less than ideal circumstances, Castaeda found a creative way to deliver pizzas from the ovens on her roof to customers on the ground. Years later, after Castaeda’s husband passed away, her friend Marta Del Barrio joined her in keeping the dream of Cuban flying pizzas alive.