Persistent Crane Introduces Family to Favorite Human

A lovable yet persistent Florida sandhill crane named Carl, who loves knocking on the window of Autumn Cochella‘s door, decided that he wanted to introduce Autumn to his family. This included Carl’s partner (Carla) and a son (Junior). The next year, Carl came back to Autumn’s doorstep with two more sons (Kyle and Kevin) in tow.

When Junior grew up, the next season was time for him to leave the nest…Carl and Carla were lucky enough to have twin chicks we named them Kevin and Kyle and he brought them as soon as he could he looked super proud to show them to me. 

Sadly, Kyle was hit by a car and couldn’t be saved. Autumn commissioned a road sign letting drivers know about crossing cranes to avoid this type of tragedy in the future.

They forage all around the lake area and all of our yards are their home. The cranes crossing the road is just something that is going to continue to happen so I decided it was time they have their own crane crossing sign.

Not too long aftwerward, Junior brought his new love to Autumn’s yard.