Coyote Peterson Builds a Mini Planet Earth Set to Feature a Very Rare and Beautiful Red Velvet Worm

Red Velvet Worm

While on location in Costa Rica, the adventurous Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson was back at the hotel when his camera crew came across a singular and beautiful red velvet worm. They brought this incredible creature back to Peterson, who excitedly built a miniature Planet Earth style set in order to feature exclusive footage of this rarely seen panarthropoda. Peterson added in an American imitation of Sir Richard Attenborough‘s narration before returning the worm back to where it was originally found.

Having the opportunity to be one of the first film crews to capture footage of this mysterious and rarely seen creature the crew hiked back to base camp to meet Coyote and film some true “planet earth” style macro shots on a mini set. Talk about a once in a lifetime find!