Coyote Peterson Nets and Releases a Giant Sockeye Salmon In Alaskan Bear Country

While spending time in Alaska, the adventurous Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness and his crew set off in kayaks across Chilkat Lake with expert guide Joe Ordonez to catch a sockeye salmon using only a net. The salmon Peterson caught, although strong, showed physical signs of being at end of his life. Peterson weighed and measured the fish, before returning him back to the sea.

Now these fish are at the end of their life cycle. …Its kind of gross and kind of sad, but these fish almost disintegrate in the water as they age and eventually die. Now this fish is at the end of its life cycle and when it does passed away it will eventually become food for a bear or an eagle and then return to this amazing Alaskan wilderness in the form of nutrients for the animals that are out here