Coyote Peterson Licks the Side of a Tree to Find Out Why a Baby Anteater Likes Termites So Much

While visiting the Kids Saving the Rainforest organization in Costa Rica, adventure host Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness went off in search of a meal with Mr. Bean, an adorable baby tamandua (lesser anteater). Upon finding the perfect spot to eat, Peterson watched closely as Mr. Bean eagerly devoured a bevy of termites from the side of a tree with his long tongue and then did exactly the same.

While visiting Kids Saving the Rainforest’s wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation center in Costa Rica the Brave Wilderness team was lucky enough to join a baby Tamandua for his daily breakfast. It is very important that these young residents of the sanctuary learn where their vital food sources come from so they are prepared for a successful life back in the wild. So after “Mr. Bean” had his fill Coyote thought why not try some Termites for himself? They are an excellent source of protein after all!