Cool Geometric Illustrations of Pop Culture Icons by Liam Brazier

Freelance illustrator and animator Liam Brazier makes cool geometric illustrations of familiar pop culture icons like Darth Vader, the Incredible Hulk, and more. Signed and numbered prints are available for some images at his Etsy shop and standard art prints are available at Society6.

From an interview by Yorokobu:

How do you create those geometric shapes?

The more recent ‘geometric’ style Actually harks back to a way of working I dabbled in back in university (at the end of the 90’s). Then the straight lines were a by-product of individually cutting out each shape from coloured card with a scalpel and collaging them together with spray-mount to form the image.

Which is a better way of saying I pretty much ruined the carpet of my university house bedroom.

More recently the polygonal lasso tool in Photoshop has taken most of the brunt out of the graft of creating them. It is merely a process of building coloured shapes to define a form, and me telling people that red triangle is Spider-man and people believing it.

via WeWasteTime

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff