Thoughtful Designer Creates a Line of Cooking Tools for the Blind to Safely Prepare Food With Dignity

Kevin Chiam, a talented, thoughtful and problem solving designer in Singapore has created Folks Kitchenware, a really wonderful line of cooking tools for the blind and visually impaired so they can independently cook food safely, confidently and with dignity.

The tools in the series include a knife with a retractable guard, a chopping board with modular trays to transfer food, a stove ring for easy and safe recognition of a burner’s boundaries, a flexible pot lid that’s easy to grab and a teaspoon that has a tactical floating bead.

Cooking is a challenging ritual for the visually impaired due to the lack of sensory references. To overcome the steep learning curve, “folks”, a series of familiar kitchen tools, leverages on natural, sensory feedback and tactile cues such that they can prepare food safely with convenience, confidence and dignity

Chiam has also created a walking aid with a flexible head that absorbs impact.

via Neatorama