Computer History Museum

Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE)

IBM 2401 Magnetic Tape Unit

Altair 8800 Computer (1975)

Computer History Museum

Last night’s MashupCamp took place at the amazing Computer History Museum in Mountain View California which has a huge collection of computers going back to the dawn of the computer age. It included computers like UNIVAC, Digital Equipment PDP and Vax’s, Cray Supercomputers, components from SAGE and computers from Control Data, Philco, Fairchild, IBM, Altair and many more.

Here are some photos I shot in the Visible Storage area (most look better when viewed full size, so you can see all of the detail). Man, I could have staying in that room for days!

If you are familiar with any of these computers or even better worked with any of them, please help me identity what each one is by adding Flickr tags and comments to the photoset. Please include any great stories stories you might have about any of these machines.

Photos of the Computer History Museum

UPDATE 1: More photos shot by Niall Kennedy last year.

UPDATE 2: On a related note, Mike Kuniavsky has been assembling a great photoset called Thrift Store UI, which is made up of old computer devices he’s been finding at thrift stores.

photo credit: Scott Beale