Video Producer Hilariously Tries to Recreate a Complicated Japanese Omelet Recipe

BuzzFeed producer Andrew Ilnyckyj was inspired by Chef Motokichi Yukimura and his distinctive Japanese dish Omurice, so much so, he tried to recreate the complicated omelet. While it didn’t come very easy to Ilnyckyj, he did succeed after the 12th attempt.

A particular guy in Kyoto called Chef Motokichi Yukimura. And he does his the best that probably anybody does it …He makes this really perfect omelet that’s like a total cylinder that’s really gooey in the middle. And he lays it on top, and he cuts it with a knife, and it unfolds like an alien’s stomach. Then he pours gravy on top and it looks really awesome. My coworker Adam asked if I would just try to recreate it. I think it’s a pretty good challenge.

Chef Motokichi Yukimura’s original recipe from which Ilnyckyj garnered his inspiration.