Compassionate Veterinarian Climbs Into the Crate of a Shy Rescued Dog to Eat Breakfast With Her

Dr. Andy Mathis, an incredibly compassionate veterinarian in Elberton, Georgia, sat inside the crate of a beautiful Pit Bull named Graycie, eating his cereal out of a dog bowl while hand-feeding the frightened canine. Graycie had come to Dr. Mathis’ care at Granite Hills Animal Care several weeks earlier in absolutely horrific condition. Rather than euthanizing, however, the kind vet persevered, and did whatever he needed to in order to bring Gracycie back around. Including having breakfast together. Dr. Mathis’ philosophy is simple but beautiful.

My Philosophy- I think of my pets as my children. They just happen to have 4 legs and fur. And whether your “kids” have fur, hooves, feathers, fins, or scales, I hope you do the same. They are members of your family. It is that underlying philosophy that guides my veterinary practice here at Granite Hills Animal Care. As a pet parent, I expect a high level of quality care for my pet. Whether it be routine medical care, emergency care, or surgery. Even something as mundane as a bath, or boarding if I happen to be out of town. It’s what we strive to provide to our patients in a kind, caring, and compassionate way. As if they were our own pet.

Thanks everyone who has called, emailed, and messaged me about Graycie. and thanks to those who sent her positive…

Posted by Granite Hills Animal Care on Monday, February 15, 2016

Graycie slowly coming out of her shell.

Posted by Andy Mathis on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 16

image via Granite Hills Vet