ComBots Cup IV, A Fighting Robots Competition

RoboGames 2006

photo by Scott Beale

RoboGames has just announced ComBots Cup IV which will take place December 19th and 20th at the San Mateo Fairgrounds.

Join your favorite smashing, bashing, crashing, spark-flashing carnage-making fighting robots Live and In Person or the 2009 Combots Cup! See robots up to 340 pound super behemoths duke it out in the ring, the loser carried out in pieces! $5000 prize purse for the best of the heavyweight division robot gladiators! Why settle for what you used to see on TV when you can be there, nose to nose with prime robot fighting action?

See Sewer Snake go up against Original Sin in a match that is sure to be Biblical! See Last Rites offer twisted metal condolences to its
unfortunate weaker opponents! Cheer as the 120,000 lb bulletproof robot fighting arena shakes with the most twisted forces physics can manufacture! We’re proud to be in our new location this year at the delightfully centrally located San Mateo County Expo Center! Lots of parking, easy access to Caltrain and tons of space to spread out and cheer on your favorite robot team!

Fun for the whole family, a massive circus of science and engineering complete with popcorn and cotton candy! Collect trading cards of your favorite robots, browse our robot midway and see all your favorites up close and personal. Hobnob with teams, find out how you can get involved and enjoy a grand day out at the 2009 ComBots Cup!

Combots 2005

photo by Quinn Norton

Quinn Norton wrote a great wrap-up of ComBots 2005 for Robot Magazine.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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