A Unique Clock That Uses a Sequence of Colors Rather Than Numerals to Tell the Time

Oxford, England design firm Clark and Steel has created The Color Clock, a novel device that uses specific sequences of color rather than numerals to tell the time. The clock is available either as in large for wall hanging or small for desktop.

Designed and hand assembled in England, these clocks are built to last. Featuring solid wood and 3mm thick aircraft grade aluminium, they have an eye-catching, constantly changing appearance, fit for any modern living room or office reception. …Throughout every day there are 144 different combinations of colours shown. Even if you don’t need a clock, the Color Clock is a great way to add some moving color to your room!

The company is raising funds through a Kickstarter project in order to bring The Color Clock to market.

Color Clock

The Color Clock

This unique clock also acts as a brain training exercise, introducing a whole new chronological interface.

The clock represents time using a unique base 4 color system. But with a completely new way to display the time, comes a little bit of learning. It may seem difficult at first, but after only a few days of getting familiar with the clock, it will become second nature. It may even help you with your mental arithmetic skills.

The Color Clock on Counter

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips