Colin Furze Adds a Paramotor to His Enormous Backyard 360 Swing for Intense Powered Spinning

Last week we shared video of inventor Colin Furze‘s enormous backyard 360 swing and his making-of videos about the build. As promised by Furze at the end of that first video, he has added a two-stroke paramotor to the contraption to allow for some intense powered spinning that left him feeling a little sick.

Yes of course i had to power this in some way and i know the first suggestion is a pulse jet but my neighbourly relations are being tested enough with just the sight of this thing so then shaking their house’s with the raw of a jet seemed a step to far so i’ve settled for the calming noise of a 2stroke paramotor.
Now not sure how much faster this looks but i can tell you it felt a lot faster, so much so that holding on was less about falling down to the ground but being thrown to the sky, the concentration needed to move finger to shut of engine was even a task.
With paramotor being around the right counterweight even the engine at tick over made the swing speed up, so all this put together it just made me feel SICK hahaha…….but was a good bad idea

Drone operator Karl Beadle, who filmed the aerial footage for Furze’s video, also posted a behind-the-scenes look at the swing, and even jumped on for a ride himself.