Cold Calling Cards for Cult Film Characters

Cult Character Calling Cards

The very creative people at Dorothy have released “Business as Usual” a wonderful set of calling cards for some rather recognizable cult film characters with jobs that are quite relevant to the plot. The range of titles and characters runs the gamut of film genres.

From Coppola classics and Coen Brothers’ comedies to Tarantino bloodbaths, the set contains cold calling cards for hard-nosed heroes (Marge Gunderson, Fargo), vindictive villains (Vito Corleone, The Godfather) deadly assassins (Black Mamba, Kill Bill), and down-right psychopaths (Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver).

Like their other prints, this set is lithographically printed, beautifully presented, and available for purchase through their website.

The 30 ‘cult’ calling cards are beautifully presented in a bespoke mandarin gift box with a foil-blocked lid and an ebony lining.

DorothyCult Calling Cards Box

Dorothy Cult Calling Cards Taxi
Dorothy Cult Calling Cards Daniel Plainview

Dorothy Cult Calling Cards Dirk Diggler

Dorothy Cult Calling Cards Nurse Ratched

Dorothy Cult Calling Cards Vito Corleone

Dorothy Calling Cards The Care Company

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