Coffee Table That Looks Like an Unevenly Stacked Pile of Firewood

Log Pile Coffee Table

The Log Pile Coffee Table is an innovative piece of furniture designed by Alexander Purcell Rodrigues and manufactured at Los Angeles-based Purcell Living. The table is made to look as if it were an unevenly stacked pile of firewood, including the built-in pull-out drawers. It is available to purchase online at YLiving.

It represents an aesthetic formalization of lumber, creating a dialogue between the natural beauty of the wood and the methodical standardization of the rectangular construction of its sections. A thick glass tabletop is suspended on top of the pile, snuggly fitted between logs at each end, and hidden within its facade are drawers for added functionality.

Log Pile Coffee Table

images via Purcell Living

via The Green Head, The Awesomer