Cocksicles, Cocktail Popsicles Created with Booze & Liquid Nitrogen


Karen Choward has posted a detailed tutorial on Instructables for Cocksicles, sweet booze-filled cocktail popsicles (and no, they aren’t phallic). Alcohol doesn’t thoroughly freeze in a standard freezer, so she uses liquid nitrogen to get them rock solid. She warns to let them sit out for 30 minutes to avoid a freeze burn on your tongue.

I got this idea from my Grandpa, who, back in his engineering days in the 50’s, would enjoy a “bourbon-sicle” in the lab with his coworkers. They simply filled a dixie cup with bourbon, put a stick in it, and submerged the entire thing in liquid nitrogen.

…After many different drink experiments, these are the ones we found worked best: White Russians (tasted like ice cream – delicious!), and Margaritas (the ultimate frozen margarita). We even served these Margarita pops rolled in a bit of salt. We also played around by skewering some things on the popsicle stick: strawberries for our champagne pops, olives for the martinis, etc.

White Russians


Thanks Instructables!

images via Karen Choward