Half-Blind Rescued Cockatiel Wants to Be Friends With Everyone She Meets

Donna of inFLIGHTmanual sat down with GeoBeats to talk about Ginger the cockatiel. Ginger, who is half-blind and has beak weakness, came into Donna’s life after a family surrendered the bird to her friend Kelly. Being a person who rescues birds, butterflies, and other flying creatures, Donna was happy to take in Ginger as her own. Very quickly, Donna found that this charming little cockatiel had a big heart and a desire to be friends with every creature she meets.

Ginger is partially blind.  She just loves everyone. even if a total stranger came in she would go to them and she would sit on them. She’s very trusting, loving and caring.

Ginger the Rescued Cockatiel

Ginger has become friends with other rescued birds in the home, the family dog, and became fascinated with a sick butterfly named Dot who has since passed.

She would always go to Dot’s box and it’s almost like she knew she was there. She would always kind of hang out and they would just kind of stare at each other.