Minimalist Clothing, Jewelry and Headwear Made Out of Spaghetti Strands That Form Natural Geometric Shapes

French artist Alice Pegna creates sleek minimalist spaghetti structures such as clothing, jewelry, and headwear. Due to the straight line nature of the strands and the use of other strands as support create complex geometric shapes within the structures become part of the haunting negative space that is a deliberate part of the design.

Spaghetti is basically reserved for cooking, and in the collective imagery it appears fragile, these two reasons pushed me to want to use it. On the other hand, I like its features: wired, it has a certain flexibility due to its finesse while remaining rigid and easily split. In my experiments, I wanted it solid, structured, a bit unlike what it gets when cooked, so I decided to mount it in a structure, fixing them to each other, creating polygons of which the peculiarities make the spaghetti resistant. And then I started to think about Ex Nihilo’s concept by looking not just at the structure, but at the emptiness she was showing behind her.

via Colossal