Stunning Cityscape Rings Featuring Significant Geographic Icons From Cities All Over the World

Paris Cityscape Ring

New York jewelry artist Ola Shekhtman has created a stunning line of cityscape rings that feature significant geographic icons from all over the world. Amongst her collection is Paris, Philadelphia, Prague, New York City, Amsterdam, London and San Francisco. These and other cityscape jewelry pieces are available in a variety of different metals and can be ordered through her Shekhtwoman Etsy store.

From my customers’ messages I know people like this product because it touches their hearts. We all have memories related to particular places. We all were born somewhere, left home for studying or working, felt in love somewhere, got new friends, traveled with beloved, had remarkable events in beautiful places which became our favorites. Cityscape rings let people keep these warm memories, to refresh impressions and share with close persons as so meaningful gift.

Philadelphia Cityscape Ring

St Louis Cityscape Ring

Prague Cityscape Ring

Amsterdam Cityscape Ring

London Cityscape Ring

SF Cityscape Ring

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