Cirque du Soleil Zarkana by Ron English, Travis Louie & Tara McPherson




The Cirque du Soleil art project SAFEWALLS is currently featuring limited edition of wonderful “Zarkana” prints by artists Ron English, Travis Louie and Tara McPherson that were created in conjunction with Cirque du Soleil shows in New York City.

Each month, SAFEWALLS is pairing up with three cutting-edge artists to create original art posters inspired by Cirque du Soleil shows. With these artworks, SAFEWALLS tours the world following the trail of Cirque du Soleil shows to hold a monthly exhibition that grows in size as works from previous cities are added to the collection. By bringing Cirque du Soleil and visual artists together, SAFEWALLS celebrates street art and culture—the very roots of Cirque—and breathes new life into the time-honoured art form that is the vintage circus poster.