A Somber Montage Capturing the Emotional Gravity of the Rare Wide Shot Within Christopher Nolan Films

Filmmaker Jacob T. Swinney (previously) has compiled a number of scenes from various Christopher Nolan films that reveal the emotional gravity to be inferred when the camera moves away from the character. As Swinney notes, Nolan more often than not, uses close shots to capture every detail within the story, so when his camera moves further back in a rare wide shot, the viewer is left with a sense of disconcerting isolation.

Nolan prefers to keep his camera close to his characters, often hugging their bodies in warm medium shots or close ups. So when Nolan chooses to back off and take a step back from his characters, we are going to feel it. Nolan’s wide shots are obviously beautiful, but what they convey extends far beyond a stunning visual. They convey magnitude and significance, isolation and disorientation.