Chihuahua Puppy with Missing Front Legs Receives a 3D Printed Wheeled Cart From Generous Designer

TurboRoo and 3-D Wheels

TurboRoo, the adorable chihuahua puppy who was born without front legs has got a new set of wheels. After hearing about TurboRoo and his need for a set of wheels to get around, Mark Deadrick, the president of 3DYN LLC, generously took it upon himself to help the little guy by creating wheeled cart with his MakerBot and a few skateboard wheels.

In came a mechanical engineer named Mark Deadrick, president of a company called 3dyn. With over 20 years of experience in the Automotive and Aerospace Industries, he decided to help create a more sophisticated device for little TurboRoo to get around in…So far Deadrick has 3D printed three different versions, making small changes to each one and improving upon the design. The second cart ended up being too small, and the third one is currently on its way to the puppy. TurboRoo is still getting used to the cart, but he is having a much easier time getting around, and he seems to be quite content. – 3D Print

Cart Model

images via Downtown Veterinarian

via 3D Print, TechCrunch