Chicken John’s Lost Vegas, Last Show at Ace Auto

Lost Vegas

Chicken John presents the 16th installment of Lost Vegas this Saturday, June 2nd at Ace Auto in San Francisco. According to Chicken, Ace Auto is closing and this will be the last event there ever.

This is the re-scheduled event that was originally planned for April 21st, but was canceled due to rain.

Chicken John presents:
Lost Vegas
at Ace Auto Dismantlers,
June 2nd, 2007 $10

It’s an evening to dismember, so put on your finest and come on out
to the last show ever at Ace Auto Dismantlers to do the Lost Vegas

All gambling is real. You play with chips, that you cash out for
valuable prizes. Ahem. This is less spectacle and more action-
oriented. You place the bets! You race the roaches! You spill your
drink! It’s all about you!!!!

LET IT RIDE: Just like the big boys, you can win big! Big! BIG!!!
ROCK: To the sounds of Mongolounge!
ALOHA: Wink and Yoni from the big island!
1983! Sparklemotion will warm your legs!
1883! Kimrick and his steam-powered weinie gun!
WEEP: Like a baby as our sharks take all your chips!
VOW: Dr. Hal or Rev. Burke will offer short duration marriages!
CROON: At the Karaoke station, Chicken’s bus hosted by Beyond Paul!
CASH OUT: At the Ace Auto redemption booth with friendly Bill the
OOGLE: Belinda the friendly Junkwoman!
CRY: Out in disgust at our cockroach racing!
SLUR: Your words, by patronizing out bar!
DRESS: To the nines; Lost Vegas has an un-enforced dress code!
TRIUMPH: As Otto von Danger jumps the Ramp of Death on fucking fire!

The games of Lost Vegas are like the real Vegas but a little funner:
These are all games you can win big on. Big. Big!!! BIG!!!!!!!!!!
The show goes late, so come early all over the place.
DJ/VJ KROB And Josh Cantplaybass

Back by unpopular indifference, Lost Vegas is the original show of
schmoes. It’s a casino environment where you get to really gamble!
To win fabu-less prizes! Here’s how it works: you get some chips at
the door, you visit the games… place your bets and win BIG!!!! Take
your chips to the Ace Redemption Center, where you talk to Bill the
friendly Junkman who lets ya take home a few choice pieces of prize…
It’s fun! But that’s not all! Check this out:

Dr. Hal and Rev. Ben Burke perform short duration marriages. With

KROB provides ambient Vegas music and video….

Stuart Mangrum does a toast to Dean Martin…

The Naked Fire Babes do the wild thing…

Mongolouge rocks the house…

And as our main headlining event… the one and only Otto von Danger
will attempt the impossible… with his motorcycle… he will jump
the Ramp of Death on Fucking Fire!!!!!

Backed by the Odeon All Star Band fronted by 3 lovelies:
Sally Wishna,
Robin Commer (Loop Station)
and Samaki Dorsey.

Arnold Shaflanknia,
Kiko Almond
and Josh Cantplaybass
will provide the live accompaniment to the dynamic stunt feature:

Otto von Danger will ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle over the Ramp
of Death totally on fire. Yes, that’s right. The man will be in
flames. And while on fire, go over the Ramp of Death. On a
motorcycle. Yes. Otto. Yes, that Otto. On a motorcycle. On fire. Over

That’s right, DOUBLE YOUR ADMISSION back at ya if what I say isn’t
absolutely the truth. Otto von Danger will ride a Harley Davidson
motorcycle. On fire. Over the Ramp of Death. It’s a great trick, but
he can probably only do it once. You will not be disappointed!!!
Ramp of Fire. On death. Right.

This is the 16th installment of Lost Vegas. We hope to see ya

We are featuring this year:
The wheel of SMUT
Cockroach Racing
Rat Roulette
Short duration marriages

New rides by Cyclecide as well…
The bicycle powered Ferrris Wheel
The Bumblebee


Come on down and hang out all over. We’ll see ya at LOST VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!

Here are my photos from last year’s Lost Vegas at NIMBY in Oakland.

UPDATE: Here are my photos from Lost Vegas.