A Beautiful Film Showcasing the 11 Different Chemical Elements That Make Up 99.9% of the Human Body

“The Elements of Life” is a short film by Envisioning Chemistry (previously) creator Yan Liang that showcases the beauty of eleven different elements that make up 99.9% of the human body.

Do you know about 99.9% of your body is made of 11 chemical elements? What are these elements and what do they look like? …The film organizes the 11 elements in 3 groups: the first group is gases and liquids, the second is metals, and the third is non-metallic solids with an emphasis on different allotropes. The number after each name of the element is its weight percentage in the human body.

This film was created for the The International Year of the Periodic Table as determined by UNESCO.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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