Charon, A New Kinetic Sculpture by Peter Hudson

Artist Peter Hudson, whose remarkable stroboscopic zoetrope sculptures have been featured in the past at Burning Man, is building a new work for this year’s event. Entitled, “Charon,” the piece is inspired by the Greek mythological figure who ferried unlucky souls to Hades. Hudson is funding the piece in part through a Kickstarter project.

Plans have been developed and approved, and the project is the recipient of an important Burning Man seed-grant, yet a substantial amount of fundraising remains. Although a large portion of the work on the piece will be provided by volunteers, every penny donated by patrons will be put to use producing Charon. Practical considerations necessitating your donation include materials, transportation, and workshop space.

Here’s a previous work by Peter Hudson: “Homouroboros” (2007)

'Homouroboros' by Peter Hudson

submitted by Affinity Mingle

photo by Affinity Mingle