A Brilliant Mashup Series That Combines Charlie Brown and The Peanuts Gang With Pink Floyd Songs

Filmmaker Garren Lazar has put together a truly brilliant mashup video series that combines the innocence of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang with the highly cerebral, emotive vibe of Pink Floyd. Lazar cleverly cuts the “Peanuts” videos so that they match what’s happening in the song.

In 2016, Lazar tackled the entirety of “The Wall” with a nod to the outlier Charlie Brown.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is. This is the first Peanuts Music Parody movie ever made. I present to you: Charlie Brown vs. “The Wall”! Charlie Brown has always been regarded as the blockhead of America. He has always been teased, or humiliated. But, Charlie Brown has thick skin, and he is not a quitter. He always finds a way to get back on his feet, and move on. However, someone has finally gotten under his skin. Charlie Brown has been humiliated to the point where he feels worthless and abandoned. In order to overcome his pain, he has isolated himself behind an imaginary wall. He has given up on his friends, society, the world, and ultimately maybe himself. Will Charlie Brown be able to overcome his problems?

Here are several of the songs from that project.

via Open Culture