Handcrafted Wooden Chairs Bended With Steam That Look Like They Are Sitting Underwater

Wilkinson & Rivera, a husband and wife team of craftspeople in East London, has created a series of handcrafted traditional wooden chairs that feature a modern twist. The wood is bent by steam, which is not only ecologically friendly but offers a wonderful illusion of the chair sitting underwater.

In a effort to introduce fluidity to a classic, our Windsor is shaped and finished by hand. By steam-bending the back-rest, we avoid any excess wood wastage whilst nodding to a traditional, sustainable craft.

This illusory technique is featured in different styles: The Windsor which comes with arms or without, and La Silla. Both come in also three different wood finishes – ash, oak, and walnut. The newer Welsh Stick Chair comes in a charred barley finish.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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