The Resident Felines of a Japanese Cat Café Scatter Around the Room When an Earthquake Hits

Scattering Cats Earthquake Japan Cat Cafe

Just ahead of a earthquake that took place on June 18, 2018 in Wakayama, Wakayama in the Kansai region of Japan, a number of the sleeping adopatable cats who live at the CAT Café CATchy suddenly went on full alert, aimlessly scattering their furry selves all over the café in search of another place to be before the ground started shaking. Luckily the quake was short and not intense, measuring a three out of seven on the Shindo seismic scale. All of the resident felines were safe, particularly the ones who never bothered to move in the first place.

About 18:20 on June 18, 2018 Seismic intensity 3

via SoraNews24

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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