Four Orange Tabby Cats Surprisingly Dine Peacefully Alongside Their Newly Adopted Crow Sibling

While visiting a friend, a person captured the surprising sight of four beautiful orange tabby cats peacefully dining alongside their newly adopted crow sibling. The crow had been injured and appeared unexpectedly at his friend’s house. They refer to their friend as “Doctor Doolittle” and calls her house “the petting zoo”. Animals know.

This crow showed up at my friends house one day. It had an injured wing and couldn’t fly at first, but It’s been like 3 or 4 months now and the crow can fly again though not quite as good as it originally could. It’s just chosen to hang around and it still eats with the cats or my friend if she eats outside. He will happily sit on your shoulder and eat biscuits if you have any. It’s not exactly a pet, like it isn’t stuck in a cage and could easily fly off any time it wanted, it just chooses not to and for some reason the cats never chose to attack it.