Four Cats, a Dog, a Raccoon and a Human Take Turns Jumping Over Varying Heights of Stacked Toilet Paper

Eric, the animal-loving human who rescued Tito the Raccoon and others, quite amusingly stacked up rolls of toilet paper in the hallway of his home and challenged the resident animals to jump over them.

Four cats, a dog named Luna and a raccoon named Cheeto all took turns leaping over the stacks even as they grew higher and higher. The cats were rather nonchalant about this custom “Toilet Paper Challenge” (or more accurately, the “Level Up Challenge”), while Luna and Cheeto needed Eric to demonstrate what to do before they would engage.

With the Toilet paper challenge going around the internet I thought I’d give it a try with our little family! Each of our pets had their own way of tackling the challenge.

Eric previously shared a video explaining just how many rescued animals live in his household. Unfortunately, Tito escaped in January 2020 and has never been heard from again.

Over the years we have rescued a lot of animals. With each pet our family grows a little more! We have 5 cats, 3 ferrets, a dog, raccoon, hedgehog, and a rabbit. We spend a lot of time caring and cleaning after each one, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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