A Spunky Cat With an Adorable Alien Face

A spunky Cornish Rex cat named Sirius has an adorable little face that makes it look as if he were at least part alien. His human Kata states that he is very photogenic and never takes the same picture twice.

I’m super lucky to get this creature I call him a cat with million face expressions. He would sit here close to me.  I would be doing photos of him and in five minutes, it could be absolutely different pictures. It feels like he has someone inside alien or another human 

Sirius’ personality is as unique as his looks, particularly with his feline sibling Meo.

He’s extremely curious sometimes I cook and he just sits on the countertop and it’s like the feeling that he’s studying how to do something. He’s extremely confident in himself, like really confident. … He’s super demanding. Yeah that’s really like also super important part of his personality. If he wants it he gets it. You know, like in couples someone gives love and someone receives love. so Sirius is the one who receives love and Meo is the one who gives love.