Musical Cat Provides an Inadvertent Finale to His Human’s Piano Practice by Walking Across the Keys

A beautiful orange and white cat named Kuni who was sleeping atop his human’s piano stretched heartily before lightly jumping upon the keyboard. As Kuni walked across the keys and his footsteps inadvertently musically corresponded with what his human had been playing. The big finale came when Kuni plopped down at the low end of the piano. His human was nonetheless amused.

This pianist was practicing a composition on her piano as her cat, Kuni, lounged on the piano top. In the middle of her practice, the cat jumped on the keyboard and walked all over the keys, interrupting her piece. He then sat on the keyboard unapologetically as his owner clapped mockingly.

Cat Walks Across Piano Keys

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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