Talkative Calico Says ‘OK’ With Her Trilling Meow

A beautiful long-haired calico cat named Akkodha has a sweet, trilling meow that makes it sound like she’s saying “okay” all the time.

This cat talks human. But just one word.

Her musician human Dan told GeoBeats Animals that they adopted Akkodha after she was returned to the Humane Society because of her long coat. This puzzled Dan greatly.

We got her from the Humane Society. Apparently somebody adopted her from there and then brought her back i think that they wanted the cat with short fur …I don’t know. I think it’s just it’s very strange that they set her back. She’s got beautiful calico colors some orange brown black gray white and beautiful eyes.

It was shortly after she came to live with them that Akkodha revealed her hidden talent.

She’s very talkative. Always chattering. Her chirps kind of sound like she’s saying okay and I just kept going with it. I talked to her every day so I just kept going back and forth there saying okay, okay. Eventually it just got to where we are.