A Beautiful British Shorthair Tuxedo Cat Who Wears a Furry Heart on the Outside of Her Chest

Zoë aka “The Fluff” is a beautiful mixed-breed British Shorthair tuxedo cat who wears an adorable furry heart in the anatomically correct spot on the outside of her chest. Although although their humans had originally decided on only one cat, Zoë and her sister Izzy were adopted as kittens together. It was Zoë’s sweet personality, her fuzzy heart design and her long hair (despite being a shorthair breed) that won them over.

We are Izzy & Zoë, mixed British Shorthair sisters. However, Zoë doesn’t understand the concept of ‘shorthair’ and became The Fluff Instead. Izzy also goes by the name Princess Izzelina and Zoë is self-proclaimed Queen Of Hearts, due to the heart-shaped marking on her chest.

Zoë isn’t the only star in the family. Sister and best friend Izzy has an incredible talent for jumping really, really high.