A Pair of Cat Brothers Race Each Other to the Food Bowl Every Time the Automatic Feeder Buzzes

A pair of fuzzy feline brothers named Frankie and Theo adorably race each other to the food bowl every time the automatic feeder buzzes.

They’re definitely food obsessed. The second that the kibble drops, they would just go sprinting kind of like a Tokyo Drift race car style. …hey definitely love their food. When we’re plating the food in a separate room they would both be scratching at the door and bolting at us immediately once we opened the door.

Their humans have hilariously tried everything to get them to slow down, including an obstacle course of stacked red SOLO party cups.

They are so food motivated we just knew that they could do anything so we thought it’d be really fun to make an obstacle course for them. Frankie was an absolute pro, Theo had a bit more trouble.

Food aside, the brothers really love one another.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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