Casey Neistat Surfs the Questionable Waters of New York City’s East River to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Surfing East River Statue of Liberty Casey Neistat

Vlogger Casey Neistat, who’s known for tackling wonderfully unusual projects, decided to escape the heat and celebrate the July 4th Independence Day holiday by surfing the infamously questionable waters of New York City’s East River. Neistat and collaborator Dan Mace initially braved the waters on a surfboard, but after being told by police that they couldn’t swim in the river, they opted instead to use a speedboat (and then a drone) to pull them along on their boards. While not swimming, the group spent plenty of time in the water nonetheless.

Surfing NYC Casey Neistat East River

Neistat, along with Droneworks Studios also provided wonderful behind-the-scenes footage of this incredible adventure.