Casey Neistat Talks About Making the Most of Life While Eating Progressively Spicy Chicken Wings

On a very daring episode of the First We Feast series, Hot Ones, YouTube’s own Casey Neistat sat down with host Sean Evans to talk about how his earliest job as a pot washer at a seafood restaurant inspired him to do what he loves most, making daring, outspoken and relevant videos. Neistat and Evans attempted to continue the conversation while eating progressively spicy chicken wings, which became a bit more difficult as the scovilles increased.

Casey Neistat is a YouTube O.G. and one of the trailblazers of the vlog era. Over the years he’s pulled some truly insane stunts on his channel, from hanging out of helicopters to skateboarding behind a Lamborghini. But can he handle Zombie Apocalypse and Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage? Find out as Casey and Sean Evans go sauce for sauce, deep-diving into the state of media and the culinary merits of Connecticut along the way.